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Cowboy Theme for Western Wedding Invitation

It’s cowboy time! Yes, you will be delighted to feel the passion of become a cowboy for your wedding ceremony. Why not? It’s one thing that is extraordinary and special compared with the “boring” wedding ceremonies, and I guess many people will feel sleepy in boring wedding ceremony. You have to make your wedding special, and it can be done with western theme. You can start by design your western […]

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Wedding Invitation Envelopes Inspirations

You may have a creative design of wedding invitation, and you’re pretty confident with that, okay that’s great but do you have a good-looking envelope to wrap the good-looking invitation? Don’t be panic, calm yourself because it’s not that hard to find an inspiration to make a great design of envelope, but you’ll need to know some elements that are needed to make gorgeous wedding invitation envelopes. Provide yourself with […]

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Nautical Wedding Invitation: Him and Her Adventure in the Sea of Love

You need some inspirations for more attractive way to have a wedding invitation? Or maybe you’re both a couple that likes to travel over the sea of love? Nautical is the right inspiration for you, because it will give you special look on your wedding ceremony, way more special than the ordinary one. But what you will need to have a proper nautical wedding invitation? Of course something that is […]

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Adventurous Spirit with Camo Wedding Invitation

For you who have a high spirit for adventure or hunting, then you will need something different with ordinary people in the wedding ceremony. It means you need to put an extra element that will make your wedding become a glorious adventure, and you finally find the one that you “hunt” for. Camo wedding invitation for example, it will be perfect for elegant adventurer like you, and you know what? […]

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Various Wedding reception Templates in the Internet

It’s an usual thing when people get confuse and nervous during the preparation day of the wedding, it’s a normal thing buddy, and that is just because your passion to have such a perfect wedding, because it’s will happen to you only once in the lifetime! To choose the right wedding reception templates is one of the things that is hard and confusing, it’s just because you’ve never deal in […]

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Elegant Words and Design for Wedding Reception Invitation

Wedding reception invitation is important as all the elements for your wedding ceremony, because it will determine how many guests and how exciting the guests are to join your wedding party. What will define about how good is your wedding invitation? The content of course, because the words written in the invitation will explain the place and the date, and that is important. The designs as one thing that will […]